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for maximum efficiency

We offer tailored solutions for maximum technical, biological and economic efficiency in existing plants - also with standards that differ from those of BTS Biogas plants. Through a standardised assessment and design programme, (check-up) all options for improvement are presented, so that the most suitable repowering process can be selected and maximum efficiency of the biogas power plant is achieved.

Steps towards a more efficient plant

  1. Survey performed by our technicians and biologists:
    • Detection of all the significant system data
    • Evaluation of the efficiency of the main operating elements
    • Analysis of substrates with portable NIRS device
    • Samples taken from all the tanks

  2. Presentation of the reports:
    • Biological results
    • Proposals to ensure the maximum biological and economic performance of the supply
    • Technical proposal to optimize the efficiency and profitability of the system

  3. Technical and biological analysis of the system:
    • Performance of lab tests
    • Evaluation of opportunities to optimize the supply with dinaMETAN
    • Evaluation of any technical modifications required
Photo: before - after

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