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waste to Power: 250kW - 1,5MW+

Our "waste to POWER" series was especially designed for the use of 100% organic waste. While designing this series, it was especially important to be able to use unpackaged as well as packaged organic waste. With its size of 250kW - 1.5MW+, this series is an opportunity to recycle organic waste of any kind efficiently and profitably.

Power and range of application

Biogas from 100% organic waste – packaged or unpackaged


  1. BIOseparator
  2. Hygienization
  3. Hydrocyclone
  4. Pre-tank of hydrolysis
  5. Fermenter
  6. Post fermenter
  7. Technical module
  8. Gas chiller
  9. CHP unit
  10. Drying system BIOdry
  11. Dry residues of fermentation
  12. Ammonium sulphate
  13. Gas torch
Example for a 1 MW waste to POWER plant
Input55 - 80 t/d organic waste
Output14 - 45 t/d liquid digestate
1.1 t/d BIOdry (30/30/40 kg NPK/t)
0.6 t/d ammonium sulfate (60 kg N/t)
0,6 t/d solid digestate

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