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lineaFARMER: 100kW - 300kW

The small plant FARMER is especially designed for the use of manure from agriculture. The plant size is matched to the average quantities produced.

For this purpose, the technology in the large plants is simplified as much as possible and transferred to small variants. Therefore, in the 100 – 300 kW range, the FARMER represents an opportunity that allows smaller and average-sized farms to efficiently and profitably utilize the accumulating quantities of liquid and solid manure.

To keep the temperature constantly warm in the fermenter of the FARMER plant, a heat exchanger for liquid manure has been perfectly fitted to this type of plant. The warm liquid manure from the fermenter releases warmth in the heat exchanger and heats the cold liquid manure from the slurry store via an s-shaped line. The overall efficiency of the system is thus increased.


Short description of our Farmer Line

  • Feeding with liquid and solid manure
  • Technical container (pump system, automation and display, technologies for the desulphurization)
  • Simple and compact design
  • Very fast implementation
  • Efficient and economic solution
  • High quality standard
  • Transfer the consolidated technology of larger power plants

Power and range of application

specifically designed for small and medium-sized farms


The lineaFARMER is limited to the essential components of a biogas plant.

  1. Pre-tank
  2. Solids loading system (optional)
  3. Technical module
  4. Fermenter with double membrane gasometer
  5. Cogeneration unit (container for motor and generator)
  6. Storage tank (optional)


Example for a 100kW FARMER plant
Input20 t/d slurry
5 t/d manure
5t/d byproducts
Output28 t/d liquid digestate

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