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lineaevolution: 190kW - 1,5MW+

BTS Biogas EVOLUTION plants are designed to increase our biogas plant's biological efficiency levels, thereby saving on raw materials. EVOLUTION plants allow you to use materials that until now were difficult to ferment like straw, corn stalks or grass cuttings. Seasonal products like tomato skins, olive pomace, citrus pulp, bran, fruits and vegetables can also be used.


Short description of our Evolution Line

  • With BIOaccelerator, the biological yield [η BIO] is brought to more than 80%
  • The 1 MW EVOLUTION plant saves up to 5.000 metric tons of silage corn per year
  • Materials such as cornstalks, straw and cut grass are also used

Power and range of application

using the most diverse input materials to increase the plant’s yield


  1. Pre-tank
  2. Loader
  3. BIOaccelerator
  4. Technical module
  5. Fermenter
  6. Post fermenter
  7. Storage tank
  8. Gas chiller
  9. CHP unit
  10. Gas torch
Example for a 1 MW EVOLUTION plant
Input55 t/d natural fertilizers (slurry / cattle manure, pig manure and poultry manure)
20 t/d biomass
10t/d byproducts
Output72 t/d digestate

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