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n [ETA]MAX: 250KW - 1,5MW+

Our technicians and experts have developed the most advanced system of biogas power plants, integrating different technology that allows us to achieve the absolute maximum efficiency. In the past, attention was focused mainly on electricity production. Instead, BTS Biogas has always considered it fundamental to optimize the entire enhancement process of delivered products and by-products: from incoming biomass cultivation and management to its fermentation, from thermal and electric power production to digestate use. There are four fundamental factors that determine the absolute yield of a biogas plant:
  •  η - AGRONOMIC: optimising cultivation and material management in general, ideal ensiling and desiling; with BTS Biogas consulting, you can reach a 95% agronomic yield
  • η - BIOLOGICAL: biomass pre-treatment (BIOaccelerator), ideal dosing, correct mixing times: with our METANmax program, fermenters reach maximum level yields
  • η - ELECTRIC: with high methane content biogas, and choosing the most suitable and effi cient CHP unit, you can reach signifi cant increases in electricity yields
  • η - THERMAL: the thermal power produced by the CHP units must also be evaluated; BTS offers various solutions such as, BIOdry and BIOpellett technology

Power and range of application

Integration of different technologies to maximise plant yield


  1. Biomass
  2. Clamp silo
  3. Conserved biomass
  4. Feedmixing vehicle
  5. Feeder
  6. BIOaccelerator (extruder, impact reactor)
  7. Roller chain conveyor
  8. Feed screw
  9. Agitator
  10. Heating rings
  11. Pumping house
  12. Control unit
  13. Desulphurization fan
  14. Post-fermente
  15. Gas cooler
  16. CHP
  17. Dryer
  18. Digestate
Example of a 1 MW η [ETA] MAX Plant
Input47 t/d Biomass
Output3 t/d liquid digestate
6 t/d solid digestate
1.8 t/d BIOdry (30 / 30 / 40 kg NPK/t)
0.7 t/d ammonium sulfate (60 kg N/t)

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