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chickenPower: 500kW - 1,5MW+

The chickenPOWER plant type by BTS Biogas offers the ideal solution for the dry chicken manure problem. While conventional systems can only ferment 20%, chickenPOWER can be operated to ferment 70% of dry chicken manure. The plant is equipped with an innovative treatment system and designed for an output of 500kW - 1.5MW+. A high-quality fertilizer is the end product of the process, created by drying the digestate.

BTS Biogas has various methods of approach to resolve the problems of chicken droppings:

  • 20% chicken droppings: without the use of additives
  • 20-70% chicken droppings: with the chickenPOWER plant and with the help of METANmax+

Power and range of application

Fermenting up to 70% chicken manure


  1. Storage chicken droppings
  2. Loader
  3. BIOacceleratorz
  4. Pre-tank 1
  5. Pre-tank 2
  6. Technical module
  7. Fermenter
  8. Post fermenter
  9. Gas chiller
  10. CHP unit
  11. Stripping
  12. BIOdry and storage
  13. Gas torch
Example for a 1MW chickenPOWER plant
Input65 t/d slurry/water
31 t/d poultry manure
25.5 t/d biomass
2.5 t/d byproducts
Output88 t/d liquid digestate
1.8 t/d BIOdry (30/30/40 kg NPK/t)
0.7 t/d ammonium sulphate (70 kg N/t)

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