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BTS Biogas offers an extensive product range of biogas power plants comprised of modules from 25 kW to 1.5 MW+ which can flexibly be combined and multiplied. In addition, various types of biomass can be used, from the manure to energy crops and agricultural residues. There are also plant types that exclusively utilize organic wastes. This allows us to respond to the needs of the most diverse customer Groups, from the farmer with less land to the industrial agronomist, to communities and investors in many countries with diverse construction possibilities.All components of a biogas plant are provided by the system supplier, BTS Biogas, from a single source. Strategic partnerships with professionals in the concrete and container construction fields or with gas motor suppliers exist so that BTS Biogas can offer turnkey biogas power plants.Thanks to the self-contained container solutions, the smooth transportation of all needed components for the operation of a biogas power plant is possible.

The app for tablets available from the Apple Store and Google Play (for Apple and Android, in several languages) effectively illustrates the system of a BTS Biogas plant and describes all of its functions and advantages. Our BTS Biogas app not only provides an overview but gives you the option of obtaining detailed information simply by touching the screen. In addition, there are images and videos and you can find technical descriptions of the individual plant components.

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