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The raw material passes from a feeder through a lateral auger into a worm gear, which fills the BIOSseparatorʷ. The unpacked biomass, freed from its impurities, is crushed and shredded by grinding mills and a grinding sieve, and flows into a pump receiver tank, from where it either flows directly into a storage tank or can be pumped out. Impurities (glass, metals, plastic, etc.) are ejected through a discharge chute. A drainage screw press, integrated in the discharge chute, squeezes out the fluids still present in the impurities and pumps them back into the process again.

Areas of opplication Properties Applicable materials
Biogas power plants where bio-waste as well as packaged and expired food products can ferment, e.g. BTS Biogas Plant waste to POWER Crushing and separation of organic waste,food waste and food products Municipal bio-waste: Kitchen waste, food scraps, fruit and vegetables, bread, packaged milk and dairy products, juices, meat residues, fats, oils, green waste, grass cuttings, household leftovers, etc.
Even unopened food - packaging is opened by the and the contents are crushed
Sturdy, solid welded structures
Waste disposal and treatment facilities Integrated hydraulics to open the machine in case of failure and revisions Expired food products, market waste: Old fruit and vegetables, bread, packaged milk and dairy products, juices, meat products, etc.
Ejection of lightweight materials through air separation
Ejection of heavy impurities by means of an integrated drainage screw press
Substrate preparation facilities By customizing the sieves, it is possible to change the particle sizes Bio-waste from food production: Fruit pulp, distillers grains, food products – production residues or defective batches, etc.
Washing of highly contaminated input materials
Manual and automatic water supply adjustment
Connections and dosing possibilities for service and emergency water supply

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