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The BIOacceleratorᶻ is an Impact-Crusher optimally using the biogas potential of the input substrate and enabling substrates to be fermented which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to ferment. During this process, the input material is split and broken up mechanically by hammers and crusher plates at the bottom of the container.

BenefitsSpecificationsSuitable substrate
Excellent price/performance ratioThroughput: 70 to 150 kg/min (depending on the dry matter content of the input material and the size of the plant)
  • chicken manure (laying hens)
  • beets 
  • dry corn stover 
  • cereal straw 
  • landscape conservation materials
  • separated slurry
  • manure
Reduced wearPower: 75 - 90 kW
Resistant to foreign matterRotational speed: 1.100 U/min
Quick and easy maintenance with low service costsDimensions (max): 2.500mm x 2.400mmx2.250mm
Wide range of applicationsWeight (total): 6.500 kg

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