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The BIOacceleratorˢ is an extruder which optimizes the input substrate breakdown through defibration in order to achieve a higher biogas yield. New substrate can thus be added faster to the fermentation process. Through a thermo-mechanical treatment of the substrate by means of two juxtaposed, interlocking screws, the input material is subject to an increased temperature, thus reducing power consumption.

BenefitsSpecificationsSuitable substrate
Very good biomass and straw decompositionThroughput: 70-150 kg/min (depending on the dry matter content of the input material and the size of the plant)
  • maize silage
  • whole plant silage
  • ensiled corn stover
  • cereal straw
  • grass silage
  • grass cuttings
Bypass – in the event of failed preparationPower: 55–74 kW (Container), Detector band power: 3 kW
Metal detector to sort out foreign matter quicklyRotational speed: 1.225 U/min, Screws: 86 U/min
Reduced wearDimensions (max): 6.058mm x 2.438mm x 2.591mm
Weight (total): 8.400 kg

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