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  • Reduction of odors;
  • Total nitrogen content in the fermenter also over 10 kg/m3;
  • Use of dry chicken manure in high quantities;
  • Automatic delivery system of the product is controlled by the PLC;
  • Certified storage systems, even for high quantities;
  • Introduction through manure pipeline, slurry tank or direct entry into the biogas power plant fermenter;
  • Binding hydrogen sulfide and ammonia gases into the fermenting substrates;
  • Generating an optimum environment for anaerobic bacteria. The result is a high efficiency for the biogas power plant;
  • Increasing the digestate values of the fermented substrate with sulfur and ammonium compounds;
  • Fulfilling the EU Organic Regulation (EWG) 2092 / 91;
  • Extending the oil drain intervals for the CHP and the unit service life;
  • Reducing the ammonia gas values to 0 - 5 ppm NH3/m3

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