Laboratory & biology

Detailed biologic analysis in our own laboratory

With our laboratory, the first one in Italy dedicated exclusively to the biogas world, we want to develop a new generation of biogas power plants, to ensure long-lasting, safe and profitable operation. By following scientific methods, we collect empirical values that describe the production processes and biogas efficiency in various conditions. Thanks to this data, we are able to constantly improve the design and management of the biogas power plants, by entering it in the dinaMETAN database.

Research and development

We endeavour to continuously innovate to respond to changing customer needs

As suppliers of innovative Biogas power plants we are continuously working on improvements to our products and services. The years of experience, the ability to offer tailor-made solutions to each customer group, as well as the close contact we are maintaining with environmental institutions, raw material specialists and marketing experts, support our efforts in this.

The objectives of our research and development department are:

  • the use of state-of-the-art technology
  • the consideration of environmental protection requirements
  • the guarantee of a safe and profitable operation of our plants
  • the realisation of an optimal production method
 In our own laboratory, we have experienced employees working on improving our products and plants on a daily basis.

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