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Biogas plant

Maximum efficiency

This biogas plant, with an installed capacity of 703 kW has been appropriately studied and tailored in order to achieve the maximum yield from cattle slurry, maize silage and ryegrass silage inputs. Furthermore, the owner wanted to use the resulting digestate as fertiliser for his land. In order to provide optimal biological conditions for the microorganisms in the fermenter, the managers use additives, which also helps to increase the overall biogas yield and to achieve energy efficiency rates of up to 85%. Also, the use of the Bioaccelerators for the pretreatment of the input and which helps to optimise the substrate breakdown enables the plant to operate more efficiently. The thermic energy produced is being used to heat the house and farm as well as to operate the plant (about 7% of the energy needed). Due to its high efficiency, the plant was awarded the Biogas Award in 2013 as plant with the best performance.

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