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Biogas plant

Post-treatment technology to increase efficiency

This biogas plant is run by an agricultural company and has an installed capacity of 1MW for processing waste and sub-products coming from farming and cattle herds. The plant also disposes of a Bioacceleratorr pre-treating system, which optimises energetic performance of waste and sub-products, and produces continuous electrical and thermal energy with a top capacity of 97.59%. In fact, the managers’ aim was to make further use the waste and sub-products already available, of which a great quantity of manure and agricultural sub-products. In addition to this, there is a drying plant, a post-treatment technology that solves the problem of liquid spillage. In particular, the system further optimises the biogas plant with production of a high-value fertiliser representing a further source of income for the company. In fact, the digestate is used in part as a natural fertiliser in the company’s fields and in part sold on to other agricultural companies.

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