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Who are we

BTS Biogas is one of the most important providers of biogas plants and is considered a pioneer in this sector. The core expertise of our company lies in planning, producing and constructing our plants. For over 20 years our qualified team of engineers, biologists, chemists, agronomists, designers and marketing experts has gained experience in the design, construction and operation of biogas power plants and thus offers expertise in service, consultation and biological support.

We stand out through our wide range of products and solutions that are tailored to each individual customer's requirements. Our complete service, in addition to maintenance and technical servicing, also includes biological support, which enables us to provide optimal biological and technical process conditions paired with maximum operational reliability. We are operating according to the principle of economic cycles and therefore also engage in the upstream and downstream processes associated with biogas production.

As agricultural specialists, we own a laboratory called "METANlab", where we further develop our experience and expertise to ensure the optimization of the seed, harvest and silage as well as the biochemical operation of our biogas plants.


Milestones in our history

With more than 180 biogas plants built and a total capacity of over 140 MW BTS power plants are able to cover the energy needs of at least 175,000 households. And we keep on improving ourselves –step by step.


  • 1996 – First plant in Italy
  • 2003 – First cooperative plant with 1 MW in Italy
  • 2004 – First operational plant with 1 MW in Italy
  • 2005 – First Plant with district heating connection
  • 2006 – First Plant using slaughterhouse waste
  • 2007 – First “dry” biogas plant in Italy
  • 2008 – Founding of B.T.S. Italia and construction of the first plant using BIOaccelerators
  • 2009 – Founding of B.T.S. Biogas GmbH in Germany and development of the BIOdry product
  • 2012 – Construction of the first plant using BIOaccelerator r and establishment of a new branch in Affi
  • 2013 – Founding of BTS Biogas K.K. in Japan
  • 2014 – Founding of BTS Biogas Ltd in UK and BTS Biogas SAS in France
  • 2015 – Marketing of our own biomethane technology and construction of the first two large plants in the UK
  • 2016 – Installation of the first straw-treatment plant in Italy

We are member of the following associations:

Getting in touch with other players in the sector, establishing international contacts, jointly promoting biogas as an alternative energy source and the exchange of news, trends and innovations motivated us to join the following associations.

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