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Biogas plant

Reduction of the nitrogen level thanks to NITROstripp

This biogas power plant, with an installed capacity of 999kW and about 30% chicken manure input, disposes of an innovative system for the post-treatment of digestate developed by BTS. The managers of the plant have, in response to the Italian nitrogen limits for digestate used as a fertiliser, opted for the installation of a drying and stripping system. The stripping process can be performed on the digestate without the need of separating solid and liquid constituents. During a monitoring phase of the stripping system, it has been observed that the potential reduction of the nitrogen goes as high as 70%. In addition to reducing the level of nitrogen in the digestate, the system also increases the overall profitability of the plant, due to the possibility to sell the digestate as high-quality, agricultural fertiliser. This biogas power plant is thus to be considered a prime example and suggested solution for farmers and biogas plant managers who face excessive nitrogen levels in the digestate of their plants as well.

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