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bioMETAN m – biomethane through membranes

In this process the biogas is first purified from hydrogen sulfide and then brought to higher pressure with a compressor. The methane is then separated from CO2 by means of membranes. A clever sequence of separation stages combined with CO2 recovery allows to separate 100% of the methane.

The recovery of CO2 facilitates the 100% methane separation from biogas and subsequently provides food-safe CO2

To achieve these goals, after going through the membrane separation the part containing CO2 is further compressed. The CO2 is subsequently liquified, while non-condensable gases are separated within a downstream separator and conveyed again to the membrane unit. This process guarantees 100% pure CO2 for use in the food industry.



  • Low maintenance
  • Production of 100% methane from raw biogas
  • Methane slip < 0,1 %
  • Food grade carbon dioxide (CO2) as a further source of income

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